6th Aug 2012, 8:02 AM in Bonded

956. Bonded 01: Lethargy

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956. Bonded 01: Lethargy
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 6th Aug 2012, 8:02 AM edit delete
I had an issue with my program. It crashed before I could save, so I had to redraw the comic and it actually looks a bit better than the original, so I guess that's my silver lining.


Andore Mordre 6th Aug 2012, 11:34 AM edit delete reply
Andore Mordre
*reads comic* What the...

*reads name of arc* Oooooh shi--
dzamie 7th Aug 2012, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
And the meaning of the arc-title changes the longer you've been on the internet.