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783. Panelist 07: Metamorphisis (With Ask Professor Rachel 198)

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783. Panelist 07: Metamorphisis (With Ask Professor Rachel 198)
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Dyonus 29th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete
Okay, seriously...needing new APR and APR for the 200th APR. The well is dry.

You do not know how weird it is to take pictures of a public restroom. I went in and made sure it was empty, and then took pictures, hoping and praying no one would come in. If it was one of the bathrooms on the first three floors or so, they probably would have. I was on the fourth floor. There were a couple of panel rooms up there, but at that time of day it was empty and I went in and grabbed my shots and left.

Oh, and I wasn't trying to be clever. People do dress up as Waldo.

Other than Waldo, we have Donut from Red vs. Blue, Jango Fett, a Ghostbuster, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim (the girl with the blue hair), and Dan from Dan vs. (the guy with the Jerk shirt). It's this show on The Hub that is so freaking' hilarious.

I don't consider this nudity since her nipples have vanished by the time she took her bra off. The boobs are still there, but not the nipples.