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747. Cretaceous 15: Extinction (With Ask Professor Rachel 186)

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747. Cretaceous 15: Extinction (With Ask Professor Rachel 186)
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 6th Apr 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete
So what happened to Arra and Mirg? We'll find out next time from the narrator.

Okay, so I normally don't care to explain my background art, but I feel the need to in this case. Okay, in the other comic I draw on a regular basis (Jix), the Ambis, foxes, and another race called the Amblians all evolved from the same creature despite the fact that the three are on different planets.

Well, the Tarians (the race that gave Jonas the shorts when he "misplaced" his in the Lost in Space Arc) are an ancient race of pranksters. They're also interested in experiments, which include moving species from one planet to another and letting their descendants record the effects of planetary Allopatric Speciation and Divergent Evolution.

Long story short, this is just a picture of the ancient Tarians depositing the fox ancestor on Earth.

The color of the sabertooth tiger comes from the fact that it's alive during the ice age. Didn't make sense for it to have brownish golden fur. Doesn't blend in, but I kept the normal coloring for the mammoth.