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552. Return to Karth 15: Return to Sender (With Ask Professor Rachel 121)

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552. Return to Karth 15: Return to Sender (With Ask Professor Rachel 121)
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 6th Jan 2010, 12:00 AM edit delete
Okay...time for some real world answer to go along with Rachel's answers:

There are two reasons I decided to give the dragons human names. One is that I always thought it funny to give dragon human names. Some day there will be a dragon named Bob because that really sets the joke in.

And the other reason is that I don't like creating weird names. I decided to do it for Jix, but not for Dragon City. And even then, the majority of the aliens in Jix are named after Roman or Greek characters or historical figures. Such as...Remula is named after Remus, Romulos after Romulus, Caligos after Caligula, Dyonus after Dionysus (god of wine and fertility), and so on. Of course...this was AFTER Dragon City was up and running for 150 odd pages.

As for their namesakes, most of what Rachel says applies to how I named them...with the exception of Rachel. Rachel is one of my favorite girls' names. I would like to either be married to a Rachel or have a daughter named Rachel. And so I gave my favorite dragon my favorite girls' name and my favorite color to the exact shade.

Okay...quick note on the art. I accidentally drew the brick work and griffins in black and it would've taken too long to fix it, so I left it as is, but remembered to draw the characters with their Griffin world line colors.