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161. Cheese Humor

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161. Cheese Humor
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 9th Jul 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete
As usual, I have a few things to say:
-If you don't remember who Emily is, you should go back and look. I've been wanting to use her more in the comic. When I started Dragon City, she was supposed to be a main character and I kind of pushed her off to the side when the children were all hatched. This is part of the reason I sent Future Erin and Beatrix back to their time. I have characters for this strip that's not the main five, I just don't use them. I also hope to bring the mayor back in the near future, unfortunately, I'm going to end up using the running gag for him, which is Rachel calling him a creepy dragon.

Anyway, regarding Emily. She's Doc Croc's wife (the one that sent the two future sisters back to their own time.) And (as it says in this comic) she is Kim's mother. Emily has a son, but of course, he's never seen. I think the last time I drew him was when they found out that Emily wasn't mute, but a French dragon who was afraid her husband wouldn't like her because he didn't like French dragons.

-I got her pun from staring at a cheese wrapper too long.

-Hey, the narrator is back!

-Characters that I'm hoping to reuse in the near future: The mayor, the McCrocagan family, Sam's sister (can't remember her name.) Sam's brother-in-law and their daughter (which of course would be Sam's niece.) Sam's sister and his boss/brother-in-law were only pegged to be one time characters, but I used them too much in this comic and now I want to get more into their characters since they're there. I mean, the Simpsons isn't JUST about the Simpsons, is it? There's a whole LOT of characters and they have their own personality and everything. Then again, if I had thirty minutes each week, I would include my whole cast as much as I could.

But I digress.

Until Wednesday, later days.