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158. Head Home

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158. Head Home
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Dyonus 2nd Jul 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete

I didn't think this one was all the funny, but I'm not one to ask on this matter since it all swirls in my head for days before I make it. Oh well, at least it has a shock value to it. That was all I was going for.

In case you are wondering, they are on the surface. It's not a dream. Nothing has changed because of Beatrix and Erin going back into the past. That is actually how they left their dragon city. As to the hows and whys, I won't be getting into that anytime soon, so if you want to know:

Some time after Erin pulled her stunt on Halloween (going topside and pretending to have a dragon costume) the dragon population has thought more and more about taking over a part of human civilization. The Chicago group manages to conquer the human city of Chicago using their ability to fly, breathe fire, and so forth to take it over. Eventually the humans vacated it and the US government signed a treaty with the dragons. Chicago eventually became the dragon US capital and the rest of the dragons have been too scared to go topside. Those that did go either went to Chicago or one of the other cities in the US. Due to their treaty, the dragons that didn't want to live in Chicago were allowed to stay provided they didn't try and conquer the city.

Hmm...sounds about right to me...