13th Jun 2007, 12:00 AM in Specials

150. The Narrator

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150. The Narrator
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 13th Jun 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete
As per usual, I have a few things to say about this comic:

-In case anyone was wondering, Norio Wakamoto is a Japanese voice actor. Not only is he talented, but he's done quite a bit. Some of the roles I know him as are: the cat from Azumanga Daioh, Mechazawa from Cromartie High (ironically the male version of Azumanga Daioh), and the narrator on Hayate the Combat Butler (which is why I mentioned him as a narrator for this.) For further reading about Norio Wakamoto, check out the entry about him on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norio_Wakamoto

-I am very excited about having done 150 comics. For being a three a week comic, this comes as a pretty big accomplishment, especially considering that some months in the past I have gotten lazy with this comic and it's gone into hiatus a couple of times. I will also celebrate when 200 comes around, in case anyone was wondering.

-I do actually like Gilbert Gottfried and think his voice is awesome. There are those who don't, but then again, I can't stand Fran Drescher, but I digress.

-I did actually have something planed for Sam, but not young Beatrix for this comic. I did the math on how many panels by how many panels I wanted this comic to be and I ended up using up too many with that gag at the first and then Rachel's gag took too long as well, so Sam got cut. I was going to go back and fix it, but then I realized that Young Beatrix wasn't in there, either. I probably won't use his gag. I found it to be kind of gross. (Not really all that gross, but I'm still hesitant to do it.)

-About Rachel's comment: I wrote that for her because she's my favorite character. So to me, though she's not in here as much as I would like, she is the main character to me.