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149. Old School Power Rangers

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149. Old School Power Rangers
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 11th Jun 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete
A few things to say about this comic:

1) You might notice that I figured out how to do the translucent speech bubbles. Yay. So I was wondering: Are they too distracting? Can you read what's inside them as easily as normal? The whole reason I did it is to be able to show everything I've drawn and not just all the stuff around the speech bubbles. Also, if I keep it translucent speech bubbles, should I make them a little less so? I mean, I have a setting. 100% is how you normally see them. This is 75%. Do I need to bump it up to 80%? I need input, please.

2) Yes, the old Power Rangers. Mind you, we're into what? 8th season? (I'm exaggerating, but I'm probably pretty close.) Here I am drawing the second season villains. For shame. I went to an anime convention last week and I was looking over the cosplayers (people who dress up) and I noticed there were quite a lot of Power Rangers people. Oddly enough, they were from the first season of Power Rangers. (By the way, I was in 3rd grade when PR came on, so I was young enough to have seen it when it first came on...) Anyway, I came across a picture of Rita Repulsa when looking at the cosplay and this comic just popped into my head.

3) Regarding the last two panels. I really didn't care for them myself. I mean, the art is about the same, sure, but I just didn't feel they added much to the comic. I only included them to tie the joke back in with my comic. If you want to ignore them, that's fine with me. I think panel four holds a rather good punchline for this whole comic.

4) Was Lord Zedd not one of the coolest villains in all of Power Rangers? I mean, his voice was deep and gravely, he was the most sinister from what I've seen and he's the most memorable. Now, I didn't watch past his season, but it just seems that Zedd and Repulsa are the two that stick out the most. I think Rita mainly because of her annoying voice and because she was the first, but Lord Zedd really took the cake after he came in. Hell, the parents complained because he was "too evil" so they toned him down. Total bad ass, if you ask me.

Ah well, until next time.