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1319. Dragoness Types

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1319. Dragoness Types
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 27th Apr 2015, 2:03 AM edit delete
The way it works with dragons and bonding is that they can see other dragons and be attracted to them, but they really only have eyes for their mates. And if they get turned on by another dragon, they're going to yearn for their mate, not the dragon that turned them on.

So, Jonas probably finds Gwen attractive, but doesn't care since she's not Kim. (And I guess they could fight this if they wanted if they were to cheat on their mates or remarry, but it's very difficult.)


Andore Mordre 27th Apr 2015, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
Andore Mordre
Ah! It's Jennifer! ^_^

...sorry. I've gotten used to the cuteness of most of the characters, but there are one or two that I'm still working on.
dzamie 27th Apr 2015, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Purple dragoness *is* kinda cute, though.