1st Apr 2015, 5:37 AM in Engaged

1312. Engaged 04: Busted

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1312. Engaged 04: Busted
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 1st Apr 2015, 5:37 AM edit delete
I don't speak French, so I hope I got the phrasing right.


dzamie 1st Apr 2015, 7:44 AM edit delete reply
They look pretty good as wyverns!
The wing doesn't seem to properly connect to all of the arm in panel 2, though; there's a wall-colored space.
Dyonus 1st Apr 2015, 2:31 PM edit delete reply
Ah. Right you are. Well, that's a quick fix.
Dragon 1st Apr 2015, 8:45 AM edit delete reply
Kimberly looks so cool in the first panel!