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1237. Triangle 07: Epilogue

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1237. Triangle 07: Epilogue
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 14th Jul 2014, 6:21 AM edit delete
I wanted to give a transition from this arc to the next, so I opted to let Stephanie meet Erin.

As I said on Friday's Jix, I'm wanting to use the wings to be more expressive. There's something I noticed with Transformers Prime Starscream and (when I watched MLP: FiM), Rainbow Dash, the animators used their wings to show emotions. I kinda wanted to incorporate that a little.

Because I usually show the dragons wings pretty stationary, but if this were animated, I would imagine the dragon wings and tails moving around a bit, especially their tails. (I imagine them almost as animated as cat tails.)

Anyway, that's why Erin's wings are spreading a little when she finds out that she has a fan.


Andore Mordre 14th Jul 2014, 3:27 PM edit delete reply
Andore Mordre
The way to Erin's heart: through her ego. I guess that's completely not surprising. X-D
dzamie 14th Jul 2014, 6:34 PM edit delete reply
Considering what the brony fandom tends to associate spread wings with, Erin seems more "excited."
I like the change!
Dyonus 14th Jul 2014, 9:36 PM edit delete reply
Yeah...I'm aware of what they associate it with. I preferred not to call it a "wing boner" when I was a fan. I either did it ironically or rolled my eyes with others did it.