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123. Family Reunion

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123. Family Reunion
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Dyonus 9th Jul 2011, 11:09 PM edit delete
A note to answer the question on why Erin is blue:

This is one of the instances you have to give something up for a gag. When I originally drew Erin (Hatchling) I was torn between the idea of making her the color of one of her parents or the ability to use the joke of having a different colored kid and chose the latter, intending to be able to use it as the second of two running gags regarding her and her mother (the other being the squinty eyes.)

Scientifically, however, I have no valid reason why she is blue. (Though I bet if you traced Rachel's family back on either side there's bound to be a blue dragon and a yellow dragon getting together because both of Rachel's parents are green.)

Another reason she's blue is to make her an oddball of the family. While this family is somewhat intelligent, she is the only one that really shows it and she also stands out.

Regarding Rachel, though, she's only been with Sam in her entire life, even before they got together.