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1200. More Unanswered Questions

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1200. More Unanswered Questions
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Dyonus 5th Mar 2014, 11:06 AM edit delete
The third chapter (or at least the third chapter I had planned a long time ago) never got written. It was an idea I kicked around for a while, but didn't see how I could flesh it out and this was back when I was a lot less confident with my drawing ability. But I think one of my characters ended up saying that Donnigan was arrested, so I kept it.

Actually, I had planned on doing a DCS chapter on the move, but it ended up getting fleshed out and became its own story arc in the main comic...because I felt that if I waited too long with that story, they'd be stuck in the caves too long and so I rewrote the whole thing for the main comic.

I'm happy with how it turned out because he covered an aspect of it that I didn't focus on because even the Dragon City Stories chapter I planned had to do with Rachel and co. despite the fact that I set DCS to be about OTHER dragons.

Speaking the move, this was an idea Jonathan and I discussed regarding his characters. I wanted to include his dragons somewhere into the main comic and he agreed, so this seemed as good of a time as any.


Andore Mordre 5th Mar 2014, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
Andore Mordre
Yeah, his arrest was mentioned. ...kinda weird that I was just thinking about that page a few days ago.

Thanks again for the DCS:E appearance! Loving how they look in this comic!

I feel like I should mention a few things about the Sandra and Liz panel...better get into DCS:E commentary mode.

...okay, ready.

It's mentioned in DCS:E that most of the survivors can't find their way to the surface because all of the landmarks got destroyed and their sense of smell isn't doing much because of all the dirt in the air. But since Sandra and Greg had been taking that path over and over again for the last few days, they could show the others how to get there. So when Liz's cameo happened, it never really made sense to me that she found her way to the surface on her own, since all the others needed to be guided to the exit.

But I've always had this idea that after the events of DCS:E, Sandra went back into the caves to continue helping with the evacuation. So I'm thinking that Liz got lost on her way to the surface, and Sandra found her when she went back after DCS:E.

Also, according to Micah, the panel with Liz, Amy, and Shaun explains how Amy knows her name. I initially went with "she knows her name because they're neighbors," but this works a little better.