9th Aug 2013, 8:13 AM in McFly

1114. McFly 14: Dinner with a View

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1114. McFly 14: Dinner with a View
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 9th Aug 2013, 8:13 AM edit delete
If you're wondering why this place looks familiar, it's because Rachel will propose to Sam here a few years after this date. It was seen in the Union arc. I decided it needed an art upgrade.


dzamie 9th Aug 2013, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Ah, puns.
Although a wyrm refers usually to the kind of dragon that's a snake with wings and fire, rather than having other limbs.
Dyonus 9th Aug 2013, 5:02 PM edit delete reply
I figured "Bookwyrm" seemed more along the lines of what a dragon would say, except they don't. They stole the term from the humans and were too lazy to adjust it.
Andore Mordre 9th Aug 2013, 5:05 PM edit delete reply
Andore Mordre
I actually just made that pun a few days ago...but I can't remember what the context was. Fire Emblem: Awakening, maybe.
Timeheart 10th Aug 2013, 10:07 AM edit delete reply
I'd say she was a BookWyrm as well. She's much better suited to a Wyrm than a worm.