Parrity (Main Cast) 2

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Name: Beatrix "Trixie" Anne Parrity 
Birthdate: May 7th, 2014 
Birth city: Chicago, Il 
Relatives:  Samuel Parrity (father), Rachel Parrity (mother), Elizabeth Parrity (half-sister), Erin Parrity (sister), Jonas Parrity (brother), Daniel Parrity (grandfather), Sabrina Parrity (grandmother), Tarah Accumen (grandmother), Geffory Accumen (grandfather), Dr. April Parrity Smith (aunt), Sarah Accumen (Aunt), Jennifer Smith (cousin), Bruce Accumen (uncle), Tiffany Accumen (aunt), Sophia Accumen (aunt) 
Eye Color: Brown 
Profession: Student 
First apperance: 129. It's Official...(as an egg), 136. The Third Child  (as a dragon) 
Information: Like Erin, Beatrix is a prodigy, but her reading level is lower than what Erin's was at her age. Beatrix started to get the same bad attitude as Erin, but Elizabeth managed to change her into a more well-behaved child. Although intelligent, she often acts childish so as to not throw off the adults around her. 
Author commentary: With Beatrix, I decided I wanted to show a dragon aging rather than skip through time like I did with Erin and Jonas. Besides that, the comic is already about 7-8 years ahead of current time and I didn't want to push it ahead any further, so Beatrix was allowed to age with the passing years in real time. Beatrix's first name is taken from Kill Bill. Her middle name was picked at random.



Name: Einsenhower "Ike" Parrity 
Birthdate: Sometime in 2014 (Parritys got him when he was a few months old) 
Birth city: Chicago, Il 
Relatives:  Pinkie (mother), Spike (father), and a whole hell of a lot of cat siblings. 
Eye Color: green 
Profession: ex-president house cat 
First apperance: 131. Eisenhower 
Information: On the way home from work, Sam stopped by a house offering free kittens. Rather than taking one of the younger, Sam took Eisenhower, who was from a previous litter to give the older cat a better chance. Sam didn't really ask anyone else, but they warmed up to him anyway and he's been in the background of the comics every since. Sam also named the cat without asking anyone, too. 
Author commentary: Ike was originally a parody of Garfield (since his first appearance is basically a white and brown version of Garfield), but I decided I wanted a more natural looking cat. That and I couldn't imagine having a Garfield shaped cat the entire time, even if he is a parody.




Name: Natasha Donnigan aka Erin Samus Parrity 
Birthdate: Augst 29, 2005 
Birth city: Chicago, Il 
Relatives:  Same as Erin 
Eye Color:  Silver (and squinty) 
Profession: Student 
First apperance: 465. Dragoness Scouts 08: Dragoness Scout Cookies 
Information: Natasha is a more laid back version of Erin, though she can be cynical and sarcastic from time to time. Sometime after Natasha became friends with her version of Kim, she became the test subject for Doc Croc's (Kim's dad) experiment and was sent to Erin's world. Erin's version of Doc Croc didn't have a device to send her back and in the meantime, was sent to live with Doc Croc's sister. When Doc Croc finally finished building the interdimensional teleporter, Natasha went home, but found out she had been declared dead. Now she lives in Erin's world, but goes back to her own to visit her family. 
Author commentary: Natasha was designed just as an anti-Erin, but I liked the idea of making her actually Erin. Her coloring comes from the fact that genetically, brown should be a more viable option than blue since it's the combination of Sam and Rachel's coloring. Her eyes are silver because Erin's are yellow/gold. No other reason.