Ask Professor Rachel Archives


1.Life before the meteor   
2.Doing delicate things with claw  
3.Dragon TV stations  
4.What was Rachel like when she was younger?  
5.Dragons smoking  
6.Erin's Blue Scales  
7.Dragon's advanced technology  
8.How did Rachel get blinded by the sun. (Rachel isn't blind!)  
9.Human contact with dragons  
10.Proof Rachel is a professor.  
11.What was in Jix's bag when she met Lauren?  
12.Can dragons breathe fire?  
13.What webcomics do the Parritys read?  
14.Do Dragons believe in Santa Claus?  
15.Why can't the dragons (in that arc) notice that the fake Erin has her eyes open?  
16.Why is Rachel's bulletwound still bleeding?  
17.Why do dragons have holographic screens before Ambis?  
18.Do Dragons have ice lung or fire lung?  
19.Dragons with their own cultures  
20.Inspirations for the comic, why dragons, and why is Erin really blue?  
21.What do dragons eat and how do they raise it?  
22.How advanced are humans in the time period the comic takes place?  
23.Do Dragons Sing? Do dragons have wars? What shows do dragons watch?  
24.How do dragons light up their caves?  
25.Do dragons use vehicles to move heavy cargo?  
26. How long do dragons live? What do they do with their corpses?
27."If you had to drop either Jix or Dragon City, which one would you pick?" What to get for a dragon for its birthday?
28.How can dragons tell if it's night or day underground? How do they light up their caves?
29.Dragon Currency
30. Heavy machinery, dragons swimming, dragon crimes, and dragons and the Revelations
31. Rachel's squint
32.  Dragon religions
33. What do dragons write on?
34. Can Dyonus survive underwater?
35. How do dragons immigrate overseas?
36. Do dragons shed their skin as they grow/age?
37. Do dragons eat sweets?
38. Dragon art
39. Do dragons have/use weapons?
40. Question about proxies. (The proxy are specific to the arc.)
41. What are signs of beauty among dragons?
42. How ambassadors to dragons earn their trust.
43. How common is magic with dragons?
44. If dragons can't eat vegetables, what other foods that are healthy can a dragon eat?
45. Horn care; horns getting stuck.
46. Legality of Ambis in The Collector's zoo.
47. What tests must be passed for a dragon to get a flying licence? 
48. What would happen if a human, such as an archeologist, found a dragon city?
49. What would Rachel do if there wasn't a question for APR?
50. What do hatchlings eat?